Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Land of the giants

Is this the 21st century version of a family portrait?

Yes these are 9" statues of us on the mantle piece...I included a £1 coin so you can get the idea.  Some people find them a bit freaky, others think they're wonderful...we think they're great.  They were created for us using the latest 3D printing technology.

If you want to spin them around, you can look at the makers website links here, here, here and here

When I organised it, I kept it a secret, so that when we arrived, no one but me know what was going to happen...not surprisingly, no one had the faintest idea.  I simply asked that we each took along something that represented an important aspect of our lives.  The Boy took his skis, The Cat too the complete works of Shakespeare, The Cat's Mother is holding a sculpture of a hare, and I had my camera.