Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Did I forget this?

Sometime before Christmas...and no I can't quite remember when I went on a tour of southern England.  Unusually for me, I was very, very organised about it and especially with the timings.  In the course of my travels, I needed to meet up with three artists, an amplifier repairer and a freezer repair man (that's not the same as a freezing repair man which is what I guess exists in America at the moment).

One of my designated meeting spots is the East Beech Cafe, a rather stunning structure in Littlehampton designed by Thomas Heatherwick....I've mentioned it before.  This time I stopped long enough to have a delicious lunch and glass of hot cider...really to be highly recommended.  Coincidentally I was given a book about the man and his works for Christmas and it was much appreciated indeed.  Have I also mentioned that Thomas Heatherwick is my 'Beatles' moment.  I had the chance to work with him as his PR advisor but I preferred to work on what I thought were more challenging projects. Doh!

Anyway, I took some photographs in the rain and darkness of the beach huts....some of which may still be standing after the storms