Wednesday, 13 November 2013


It's funny the things people discuss in public.

Yesterday whilst squeezed on a tube train in the rush hour, I couldn't help but overhear the conversation between the couple who were squashed either side of me.  "I think we should get separate beds" she said.  He said "OK".  I turned the volume up on my music because I thought I shouldn't hear any more.

In the evening I was reading The Standard and was drawn to an article.  A judge was expressing his surprise that a convicted rapist was entitled to compensation because he had been detained for too long whilst the Home Office decided whether to deport him back to his own  country or not.  The Judge had believed that we had opted out of some of the European Human Rights legislation as Tony Blair had declared in 2007, but he now recognised he was wrong.  The article annoyed me at so many, many levels.

Last Friday was the annual Old Boys Dinner.  From our year there were the usual's always good to catch up with most of them.  But the lad who was a buffoon at school continues to be a buffoon and still irritates.  Though you can't deny he's done well for himself as a complete banker.  It's either age or drink, but I managed to forget my front door key, meaning that I was left to plead with The Cat's Mother to let me in like a naughty school boy.

The following night we were at Sadlers Wells for a bit of dance.  Tango to be exact.  The speed and intricacy of their movements was something to behold.

Other than that it's been quite a peaceful few days.  If you exclude me issuing county court proceedings for non-payment.I'd rather not have done it, but I did.  As soon as I'd filed the claim, they paid, but if I drop it I'll be several hundred pounds out of pocket for the court fees.  And they do owe me interest.  if it was down to The Cat's Mother I would withdraw, but really I don't see why they should get away with it....