Friday, 4 October 2013

Light headed

I've got a lot of catching up to do...and not just with my favourite week has been quite disrupted by the onset of a cold last weekend.

Colds are just an irritation really - they knock you for six with real purpose.  At least with 'proper diseases', the aim is to kill you off.  No, a cold is there just to irritate you and make you glum.

I've had a busy week for meetings, etc so I've been diving into town for those, and then running home, wrapping myself in a blanket with a mug of hot lemsip whilst trying to tap away at the computer.  Truth be told, productivity isn't at the level it should have been; especially when the home computer decided that it wasn't going to talk to the work computer.  Grrrr.

I suggested to The Cat's Mother that she go and see The Light Princess at The National with a friend rather than drag me and my sniffles along but she was insistent that I accompanied her as there was a reception and talk by Sir Nicholas Hytner to be grappled with.  We were up on the roof terrace, which was lovely.  We were cornered by the exceptionally well bred and fearsome Christine which was terrifying.  Sir Nicholas was gripping, but listening between the lines suggested we were not going to have a great evening.  Indeed we didn't - but we seemed to be the only ones in the audience who didn't.  Whilst we tried to slink out before the after show party and be forced to make polite conversation with the actors, the rest of the audience was cheering and clapping.  The Light Princess is a musical fairy tale about two warring kingdoms, a prince and a princess (who floats like a balloon - no she's not shaped like a balloon) who fall in love and ultimately live happily ever after.  The music is by Tori Amos, and the set by your local amateur dramatic group.  there were few if any songs that you walked out singing, and generally the whole thing felt like everything had just been thrown in for the sake of being thrown in.  Worst prop was either the two plastic flamingoes stolen from your garden, or Roland Rat.  Cleverest stuff were the puppeteers who made our princess fly....very clever and impressive.