Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Not in Istanbul

You can't help but like Boris can you?  The man who single-handedly created the bicycle and organised the London Olympics.

I can't help but think I wouldn't let him organise a chimpanzees tea party, but there's no doubting his chutzpah.

We were lucky enough to be invited to the opening reception of the 'Pearls' exhibition at the V&A last week. I have never, ever, ever seen so many security guards and police in one small space.  I guess the several tons of pearls on display may be worth a pretty penny.  I assume the assembled beautiful people were mostly pretty wealthy too.  They smelled of money for sure.  The evening was opened by one of the Qatar royal family, and she was then followed by Boris.  He is without doubt a truly amusing orator.  Clever with it too. The audience was enraptured.  I'd recommend an evening with him any day.  As for the exhibition, it's absolutely fascinating...we couldn't stay long which was a shame, so we may well go back.  But there's a fascinating history to pearls, and some remarkable pieces of jewellery to see....and then I'd suggest exploring the rest of the V&A which must be one of the best museums anywhere in the world (plus it has an awfully nice cafe).

We abandoned The Boy for a few days whilst we jetted off to Istanbul. Well he's a big lad now, and he's not going to do anything like pranging the car in our absence is he?