Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Birthday time

It's been a tradition (evidently) that when it's The Cat's birthday she has a sausage supper - sausages, beans, tomatoes,  mushrooms.  Obviously that started long before I ever arrived on the scene, and has carried on even though she's now 18.  As it happens this year, and hereafter she won't be at home...she's off to Uni next weekend.  Friday was The Cat's Mother's birthday, so in honour of the tradition, sausage supper was served to the family.  Delicious.  Some foods remain fabulous no matter how many times you've had them, and no matter that we eat in some truly wonderful restaurants.

The Cat's Mother's birthday celebrations are always over several days.  On Saturday we went to The Globe to see Midsummer Nights Dream.  Fortunately we were in the covered seating area, rather than the groundling space which is open to the elements.  It rained and it poured, but don't think that would weaken the resolve of the stewards who resolutely don't let the groundling find shelter.  It's a funny old Shakespeare play this one...often people's first introduction to Shakespeare I suspect.  There are some rip-roaringly funny sections, but also some periods that are frankly just tedious.  The same was true of the performances...Oberon and Titania adopted the traditional/old fashioned style of performing Shakespeare, and just shouted at each other from start to finish., Puck was a truly odd performance...I'm still not sure what he was trying to achieve but I'd come to loathe him long before the final scene which he performed chewing gum.  Bottom was terrific.  Anyway, I fell off my seat laughing at the good bits, and fell off my seat because I'd fallen asleep in the tedious bits.

Sunday and we headed off to West Side Story at Sadlers Wells.  As I've said before, I like a bit of dance I do.  This is an American production and done exceptionally well.  There are, of course, some great, great songs, and at Sadlers both the dancing and the set were superb as well.  The Guardian reviews it well here.  Here's a clip which gives you a flavour, or if you can do go and see it.