Thursday 11 July 2013


As I sit here, six brave/foolish young women are scaling The Shard to protest against Shell drilling for oil in the Arctic.  If you're quick, you may just catch it here

If you missed it, not to worry, it's all over the news.

The Cat's Mother has a new car, and she's very excited about it.  A little Toyota Yaris (in fact it's a standard size Yaris, which is a little car).  I've yet to get in it, but I know it's full of gadgets...sat nav, connect you phone through bluetooth, etc, etc so obviously it's good.  Best of all is the glass roof, which almost makes it a civilised cabriolet....almost.

Anyway, on the day she got it, The Cat was out with the 'old' Yaris which is now being shared between her and The Boy.  Whether it happened when she was carefully maneuvering in the car park, of whether it was swiped by someone else, I don't know, but there is now a rather large scratch and dent down the side.  On a new car, it would be a tragedy.  On a car driven by teenagers, it's to be expected and won't be fixed.

The Boy has gone off with some mates for an end-of-school holiday.  He's packed the sun tan lotion and some Euros, and not much else.  They're off to Magaluf.  I'm nervous as hell, and we've both given him a stern talking to.  It'll have fallen on deaf ears no doubt.  And providing he comes back in one piece I'll be happy.  I hope he does at least send me one text a day.  Anyway, for the next week I will not be watching this film