Monday 13 May 2013

Sore loser

I have a feeling David Cameron is being hoisted.  Having said that he wants to renegotiate Britain's membership of the EU and then hold a referendum on it, a whole host of Tory Grandees and senior ministers are just manoeuvring just to have a referendum.  Almost certainly the result would be a British exit from Europe.  Cameron thought he was being clever, but really he's just a little boy playing with men's toys.  Useless, useless little man.

We bought a 'dock' for our digital music recently.  Very splendid it looks too.

We chose this one because a) it looks good and b) you can plug in both an iPod and an android phone.  Except we discovered that our iPod is too old to be compatible and the Android connector (if you're not a techy...if you don't have an iPhone, but do have one onto which you can download apps, the chances are that it is an Android phone, probably made by Samsung, Motorola, Sony or LG) just charges the phone whilst the music has to be sent by bluetooth...yes that does sound over-complicated, and yes it's a bit beyond us.  So it's a bit of a white elephant really...

A little while back I mentioned the new members of the cast here   Well there's been some changes already.  Firstly Mrs Mop has gone.  I don't what we did to upset her, but she decided to not  remain.  Since then the office has deteriorated as no one is clearing up and washing up.

Secondly The Bishop has been renamed to Mrs Sweary Shouty.  In fact she just swears.  Like a trooper.  Enough to make a sailor blush.

New in is Quiet Girl.  She is that.  And very lovely too.

And finally we have Scooter Girl.  Yes she rides a scooter, is a photographer comes from Wales with a broad accent and is very full of life.

So it's all quite fun really.

After the exertions of Friday night it would have been sensible to have had a quiet weekend.Fat chance.  We met The Muffins for lunch.  Naturally I wore my Bradley Wiggins top as I tried not to fall asleep at the table.  The Wicked Witch of The West arrived with Boss...they'd come to collect The Boy as there was a christening to be done down in Buckinghamshire.  At the same time we took the opportunity to talk about arrangements that need to be made now that he's 18 and he is technically responsible for a whole host of things from his mother's estate.  Not taxing at all.

And then last night we went off to see Jack Dee.  I struggle to enjoy stand up just seems odd to sit and watch and listen to one person in the middle of an enormous stage.  But I enjoy Jack Dee's miserable gait and he does his stuff very well so we laughed along for a couple of hours.  His theme was the miserable week he'd had, and he comic observations that permits.  Very good.  Recommended.

The alternative for Sunday evening would have been to go to the BAFTAs.  The Olympic Opening Ceremony was up for an award, but cruelly our hopes were dashed.  I blame that Clare Balding for being exceptionally good throughout the Olympics and Paralympics...a worthy winner.