Monday, 22 April 2013

The weekend before this

I'm getting forgetful.  Not in a 'Where are my keys' sort of way, but in a 'Oh yes I had completely forgotten about that' sort of way.  I think I've developed 'Lazybrainitus'.  If you know a cure, please let me know.

I thought I'd blogged this, but can't find it, so I guess I forgot:

Kelloggs asked how Gay George is getting on...he who was sent flying from his bicycle into a lamp post by a Range Rover. I think I mentioned we went to see the hospital near Paddington.  He was more talkative than I've ever known him.  Some of it made there's a change...he never made sense before.  We could hardly get a word in edgeways...I'm guessing all those weeks in hospital must leave you bored out of your brains.  Anyway, he was a lot fitter and healthier than I expected and looked nearly perfect.  He has now moved from that hospital to one nearer to home...a real blessing for him, and it has reduced the travel burden for his family enormously.  And I've had this note from his wife:

"We're having a meeting today about discharging him... So he could be home in the next couple of days which he's thrilled about. The plan is for him to be an outpatient at the cognitive skills, osteo and max facs clinics there. Still al long way to go but definitely on the right tracks."

In fact George is now home...hurrah!

We managed a week without going out.  Actually we more than managed, we revelled in it.  We were busy enough at home not to increase our TV viewing hours, so it was fabulous.  When I say we didn't go out for a week, that's not quite true...on Friday night we met up with friends for dinner.  But Friday nights don't count. In our group of six, there was one who was running in the London Marathon on Sunday.  She was cool as cucumber about it.  And another who spends his days avoiding bullets and bombs whilst digging for oil in Iraq.  He too is pretty cool about that too.

The previous weekend, which I've not yet recorded for posterity (and given my forgetfulness, I need to) had been a busy one.

The weekend had started early on Friday with a lunch at The Globe theatre...we've managed to get ourselves involved with the new indoor Wannamaker theatre there which will open in the autumn, so they were kind enough to feed us.

That's us on the stage at The Globe. Left to right: UP, The Queen, The Cat's Mother, Me (looking a bit rough, and for the first time scruffier than UP) and The Cat

And then on Saturday we had a family celebration lunch.  This was the start of the festivities to celebrate The Boy's birthday, and had been timed to coincide with Grandma in Cyprus' visit.  It was lovely to get everyone together over for the afternoon.  Some hadn't been together for a long time...not since The Boy was christened I think, or may be even earlier. I think he enjoyed it.....