Sunday, 28 April 2013

Are you happy?

I'm a little annoyed with Gay John.  Best friend and business partner of Gay George.  Yes, George who has spent this year in hospital coming back from near death after being knocked off his bicycle.  I saw Gay John this week cycling near London Bridge.  A busy, busy street, and he didn't have a helmet on.

It is noticeable how quiet the Korean issue has least over here.  My best guess is that in the Peninsula the problems have not in anyway gone away, and the expectation is of a clash (hopefully only of rhetoric) sooner rather than later....unless the Chinese have really stamped their feet and told the Playboy of the Eastern World to behave again.

My life just became a little better with the removal of the fly from the ointment I mentioned a few posts back.  It all came to a head pretty much as soon as I'd written about it, and the resolution was straightforward.  I'm not crowing about fact I'm a little saddened that it had arisen at all, but I hope the new arrangement means that everyone knows what they've got to do, when they've got to do it and how they've got to do it.

Over in Syria, I see that the temperature is ramping up with accusations that gas has been used.  The esteemed Mr Cameron has suggested that it is the issues around the Iraqi conflict that are preventing us from intervening.  I still remain of the opinion that sticking our nose in will only make things worse.  Syria is a sovereign nation and we should keep out.  Particularly as we really don't know where the rebels stand, and it might well be that we're feeding the radicals who will one day turn on us.  It wouldn't be the first time would it...Afghanistan....

I was intrigued by this article on the BBC - it's about the happiest places in the UK.  In general, and having read it I think we should all be moving to Scotland as they seem the happiest.  My personal experience is somewhat different...I dare say no more Mrs Chandler.  I've always found the folks of Brighton a very amiable and happy bunch, but that may be entirely down to easy access to the sorts of substances you wouldn't want your children indulging in.  Obviously Londoners are an anxious lot...not surprisingly as it's a very insecure environment, and you've got to feel for those poor bankers always worried about just how massive their next bonus is going to be.  I couldn't understand why people from Leicester were anxious though...the ones I know there seem pretty chilled.

Impressed yet another Old-Etonian has joined Cameron's ranks in deciding how the country is governed.  Boris' younger brother Jo is now helping formulate policy...or perhaps I should say helping ensure the old guard remain in charge whilst continuing to trample on the workers (which includes the middle classes)....

I couldn't believe this story that made the headlines this week.  Most of the papers have focused on the immorality of James McCormick...and that's fair comment...but what worries me more is the stupid gullibility of the people buying these things.  A novelty golf ball finding device repackaged and presented as an explosive detector whilst being sold for $55, wonder things are so awful in the territories that Mr Blair and Mr Bush liberated from tyranny - bet they're feeling proud of themselves, and not at all worried that this might be symptomatic of where all those lost £billions have disappeared to.

Meanwhile, I may be a God.  Over at business social network LinkedIn, they've introduced a feature which encourages you to endorse your contacts.  It makes suggestions for you, so all you have to do is click the button. And people have been endorsing me left right and centre, and often for things I know nothing about.  After a few months of this, I can tell you I am a genius at everything and anything.  You may bow down and worship at the feet of someone who is better qualified, more skilled, more effective than anyone.  Of course, you may decide that the whole thing rather undermines the value of social media for business networking...

I am in awe of Mr Madiba...he may also be a God...this leaflet was thrust in my hands as I left London Bridge station last week