Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Travel traumas

I had the following from Transport for London today:

"I am writing to let you know that if you drive in London, you can now follow us on Twitter for real time road traffic updates in London. Transport for London provide information about traffic disruptions, road closures and re‑openings for road users."

So it's all right to be checking out your Twitter feed whilst driving is it?

As part of the University application process, The Boy has gone off to Warwick University today.  Transport for London hasn't helped by making the Central Line run so badly this morning that he missed his train.  Not to worry though, because the ticket I bought him from The Trainline was an off-peak one, so he hopped on the next train.  Except that the ticket collector decided his ticket wasn't valid on that train so made him cough up another £45.  Now, if I'd been there, I'd have argued my corner and caused a God Almighty scene...but as a seventeen year old he has thankfully not inherited my temperament. It was fortunate that he had the £45 otherwise heaven only knows what would have happened.  Still, it's given me a good reason to ring The Trainline and hurl abuse at them, and I will also do so at Virgin Trains....