Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Living in fear

If you happened to watch the Channel 4 mini series The Fear last week you will have seen where we live on the south coast.  The programme was set in and around Brighton, and the main setting, one of Brighton's regency squares is where we live.  I would like to be able to tell you whether it was good, or not, but I was so overcome with excitement to see the place on TV so much, I couldn't pass fair judgement.  As ever, Brighton was portrayed as slightly seedy, down at heel and the scene for squabbling gangsters.  The place has never recovered from Brighton Rock.  It was funny seeing car journeys being made across the city knowing that it was jumping all over the place.  And I wish I'd been there when the blew up a car in our Square...no wonder we'd had warning notices put through the door! It's still on 4oD if you want to watch it

Apart from the location, I think the programme resonated with me because the main character suffers from alzheimers, and I could see similarities to the deterioration of my father as Parkinsons took a hold of him (not the violent outbursts, but the fear it induced). Horrible and sad.

I think that if they'd asked her, The Cat's Mother would have organised the Olympics single-handedly.  she has that mind and that ability.  In our house, we undergo a complete and utter transformation.  Not one single room goes untouched.  Christmas Lego in the bathroom (calm down Steve). Christmas mugs in the kitchen. Christmas toilet role in the loos.  Not one ornament is not replaced by a Christmas equivalent.  Everything is stripped away and replaced by something with a seasonal tint.  We have enough decorations to stock Harrod's Christmas Department.  The preparation of our Christmas wonderland takes a week of hard labour.  We even have four Advent calendars, if you count the Advent candle.

One made by The Muffins - every day is a clue for us to guess, hidden under an icicle. H is wrong...answers on a postcard, please.  And don't mention E.  We all love this one

One for The Cat plus the candle

And then there's my favourite - mine - just a tot a day to keep me going until the Christmas break...this is indeed the finest Scottish whisky