Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Chicken Poo

Well done Kate - perfect timing, if everything goes according to plan we will have a third royal celebration in as many years.  We may not get the extra bank holiday, but the feel good factor will be worth it.  And this from an avowed republican.

I see that we, the French and others have waggled our fingers at the Israelis for their decision to build yet more settlers homes.  It's a an easy lesson that whilst we take no action against this racist country they will continue to act illegally, consigning the Middle East to an eternity of turmoil....and yes, sooner or later someone will drop a nuclear weapon there.  And many will have missed that they are also witholding tax revenues due to the Palestinians who have done nothing illegal.  It really is time for change in the policies and actions of the world to help the Palestinian cause.

Did you know that The Bank of England has made cheap money available to the high street banks.  It's a clever scheme to get them back out there lending to help kick start the economy.  You'll be pleased to know that the Bank has lent over £4 billion.  Would you be surprised to know that of the £4 billion, just £4 million has been re-lent by the banks.  The rest is sitting in their vaults gathering dust until it can be handed out as fat bonuses and sky-high salaries to overpaid employees.  Yes, yet again you and I are subsidising the rich and undeserving.

We could have done with some advice in the office yesterday from John.  The Office Dog had been away for the weekend, staying at a farm 'Up North'.  He enjoyed his freedom enormously, and spent most of the weekend outside enjoying the fresh air.  Whilst no one was looking he took it upon himself to spend twenty minutes eating chicken shit.  I can't see the appeal myself.  Yesterday he suffered the consequences, and spent the whole day hiding under the desks, eating nothing and shivering.

So learn the lesson everyone - don't eat chicken shit, no matter how appealing it looks.