Tuesday 20 November 2012

Tech stories

To be honest, I'm getting a bit fed up with this celebrity stalking thing. I mentioned a year or two back (wow...have I been tippy tapping for that long?) about how I "bumped into" Jeremy Clarkson in Zermatt, Switzerland only for him to "pop up" sitting behind me at the theatre in London.  Some wuld call that a remarkable coincidence.  Too remarkable for my liking if you ask me.  And now it is the turn of Rihanna.  First of all she gets herself involved in the Olympics by "performing", and then last night when I went to the Apple Store at Westfield in Stratford she is there "switching on the Christmas lights".  Again, some would say that is a coincidence too far...after all Christmas lights switching on is normally done by 'B' list or lower celebs.  I shall be contacting my lawyer later. Evidently things are not going well for her

My visit to the Apple Store is a sad tale.  The Boy was given an Apple laptop in January, but last week it died.  I booked into the 'Genius Bar' to get it fixed.  It started off well with a confident lad looking to get it sorted in a few minutes and gradually deteriorated as everything he tried failed.  The hard drive has to be replaced and everything on it is lost.  Photos and videos and everything.  Nothing backed up.  Let that e a lesson to everyone.

I've been conned by T-Mobile who have been my mobile provider of choice for the last several years....or perhaps I've been naive.  I decided that when my contract runs out I would move to GiffGaff until I was ready to take out a new contract with a shiny new phone.  It would be fair to say they were disingenuous at best...dissuading me from getting a pac code in October under threat of 'early termination' fees.  So I rang to get one a week before the end of my contract.  You have to give a month's notice I'm told.  So another month's fees for nothing.  I've noticed a change ever since they cozied up to Orange and the lovely friendly people I used to speak with before have all been replaced with operators who don't care, have no interest in the customer and lack any flexibility...it was partially this that made we want to leave. Originally I'd been due for a phone replacement in August, but mysteriously this suddenly became the end of October...they had no answer for that.   Ironically, I would most likely have signed up with them again next year, but now there's no way.  Their loss. I feel aggrieved.