Sunday 25 November 2012

Because you're worth it

There have been three deaths in our house today.  Very sad very tragic.  This is the time of year when the ceremony of the checking of the Christmas decorations take place.  Sadly three glass baubles couldn't face another year of being hung from the highest branch and leapt out of my hands, smashing into a thousand razor sharp splinters around my feet.  One of them may have been my fault, and I watched helplessly as it bounced across the wooden floor before submitting to the inevitable laws of physics.

Elsewhere, the Christmas tree is losing its needles.  As it's an artificial tree that's not a good thing. And one of the smoking Santas had lost an arm...soon sorted by a spot of super glue.  Yesterday whilst I pottered around the flat, too afeared to go out into the storm, I had the TV on, specifically 4 Music, kept me entertained.  Not truly, the music was dreadful, and I worried that I'd never even heard of this year's biggest selling artist - Flo Rida (pronounced Flow Rider), but I did enjoy hearing the Christmas adverts...not watching much TV usually, I realised that in their strange, odd little way they do a lot to fire up the Christmas spirit.

When I tried to post up yesterday's picture, I was told I'd used up my allowance, and if I wanted to do more I had to pay for the privilege.   So I stumped up.  A grand some of $2.99/month.  That's how much you mean to me...almost $36 a year.