Monday, 22 October 2012

Why do they all come along at the same time?

It was a fine bottle of red wine I drank on Saturday night.  I know it was fine because I spent most of  Sunday in the bathroom.  I hadn't meant to have so much of it, but The Cat's Mother ducked out after less than a glass, leaving me with the onerous task of finishing it off.  "Use the Vacu-vin" I hear you say, but alas that wasn't possible because I'd had to decant it:  when I'd gone to open it, the cork had crumbled.  Not surprising really, because the wine was a 39 year old Barolo.  It had been bought for me by a friend for my 40th birthday, and had sat waiting for a 'special occasion' for too many years.  A couple of weeks ago we decided it just had to be drunk.  So Saturday night it was opened.  Even decanted it was cloudy, and the sediment at the bottom of the bottle could have been used to re-surface the road.  It may have been past its best.  But, surprisingly, it was delicious.Unfortunately by the time we started drinking - whilst watching The Thick Of  It - The Cat's Mother was sleepy, so I just had to do my duty...I believe it is illegal to waste wine isn't it?

After a famine of films this year...I think the last one we saw was Prometheus, and that's already out on DVD, there seems to be a glut to be watched.  Amongst those I include:


 Beasts of the Southern Wild


Rust and Bone

and, of course, Skyfall.

One that wasn't on my list was Taken 2 which The Boy and I went to see last week.  It's a nonsense film follow up to Taken (oh how did they come up with the follow up title) starring Liam Neeson.  This time it's set in Istanbul and there's lots of chasing round narrow streets and over you get to see the best of a very beautiful city.  As for those dastardly Albanians....We thoroughly enjoyed's one of those 'don't think too hard' films that delivers a lot of action for your money.  There's always a place for films like that....but it'll never win any award.

It was certainly a good bonding movie just before The Boy set off to Snowdonia to do his Gold DofE.  The weather forecast says it's a lot nicer then than it is here...which is good, because hiking up and down those mountains is hard enough when the weather is good, let alone when its raining cats and dogs.  Oddly I miss him more than usual...I'm sure all will be well...but I am becoming acutely conscious that I can tangibly measure the weeks until he leaves home.

The afternoon before the bottle of wine incident, The Cat's Mother and I went off to see Ruby Sparks.  This is a truly wonderful film about what happens when an author writes about a girl, and she comes alive and all the challenges that come with that.  I will say no more, other than really it's a lovely film which really quite un-American, but maybe a little Woody Allen.  We've not stopped talking about it since, and are quite tempted to go and see it again