Friday 12 October 2012

Larry of Arabia

I'm in trouble with Grandma in Cyprus. Again.

For a change it isn't because I've forgotten her birthday (it's May), but with Christmas coming up I have plenty of opportunity to screw up again.  I was reminded of this yesterday as I strolled past our local Christmas shop yesterday

No, I received a sharp e-mail because I got my brother's girlfriend's name wrong.  It wasn't that I'd called her Mary when her name was Jane. No. I'd called her Flossie, not Flos.

And then there was the disapproving phone call.  Well, I've taken it as disapproving.  We've booked a half-term holiday.  A bit of winter sun, to cheer us up after all the rain this year.

We're off to Jordan.  Amman, Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea and, of course, Petra.  The perfect destination.

The day after we booked, there were riots in Amman.  Not to mention their neighbour Syria which is having a little local difficulty.  And Iraq which is, I'm told, even more violet than Staines High Street on a Saturday night.

I have a passionate interest in the Middle East.  I've managed to visit Egypt and Lebanon, whilst The Cat's Mother can add Syria and Israel to that list.  I'm a card-carrying member of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, and my twitter account is full of tweets from participants in the Arab Spring.  It's a fascinating part of the world...with a remarkable history.  I can't wait.

The Boy has taken it upon himself to highlight any and all articles about civil unrest in some of the Jordanian cities as people demand the same rights that you and I take for granted.

But I think we will enjoy it.  I don't have any worries.

But we are checking the Foreign Office travel advice website on a daily basis.  Just in case.