Tuesday 4 September 2012

One Summer

You may know that on the 10th there will be a 'victory parade' for all the splendid athletes who have done our country proud this summer.  I suspect the streets of London will be lined a dozen deep, given how much enthusiasm the Olympics and Paralympics have created.  When the idea was first mooted, it was immediately announced that the Games Makers - the volunteers - would be a part of this...lining the route, as was only right - after all without them the summer success would never have happened...and their enthusiasm, energy and happy smiling faces may well have changed foreigners' perceptions of the British once and for all.

One group that appeared not to be included were the Ceremonies volunteers...the people that danced, sang and performed having given over some3 250 hours of their lives to make those events quite so spectacular.  However, at some stage it was decided that they would be included in the ballot for places...and that was a good thing.

For my part, though, it wasn't something I was much interested in - I shall certainly watch it...I may even take a sneaky hour or two out of the office to make sure I catch a glimpse...but I didn't in anyway feel the need to be a part of it.  After all we were seen by 80,000 in the Stadium itself...a further 100,000 if you count the dress rehearsals, were watched on TV by several billion around the globe, had each and every one of our names printed in the Programme and will be seen by countless more when the DVD is released on 29th October.

So for me that is recognition enough.  I've appreciated the opportunity to be in the ballot...but really I'm very, very comfortable with everything the summer has brought.