Wednesday, 26 September 2012

No more pink pound

If anyone wants to know, the link between Andrew Gold and West Side Story is his mother - Marni Nixon - who was Natalie Wood's singing voice for the film...there you go thought you'd find that piece of trivia fascinating!

I thought that John over at Going Gently may have got carried away when I saw this...sadly it's just about another over-paid financier...

I'm already at the stage at dreading when I'm old and infirm, and unable to open any of the packets of food because the people who've designed them have made them tamper-proof that they're so difficult to open.  There's a fair few things already that are a challenge and I have to resort to scissors.  I suspect there will come a time when I'm found lying on the floor having starved to death having been unable to open a packet of food.

I'm also finding it increasingly difficult to type the letters of 'captcha' codes when trying to comment on people's blogs.  I now set myself a limit of six goes, and then give up...that doesn't really seem like progress to me.  There must surely be a better way.

Right across the way from the office I saw this:

You'll probably be thinking it's a yellow fire truck.  But you'd be wrong.  The clue is in the black splodges of tar.  It is a piece of art which highlights the exploitation of black workers in the Deep South.  Or something like that.  'The Emperor's new clothes" may come to mind.  Anyway it's a lovely shiny truck, just a shame about the black smudges...

I'm not the best at keeping on top of things.  I mentioned once that a couple of years ago I had to pay someone to open post that had accumulated over the previous five years.  I'd managed to spot the ones that really and truly needed opening (mostly), but the rest had been thrust into several large boxes..;.when I say large I mean large - the half dozen boxes were big enough that not all of them fitted into the back of the Jeep.  in one go.  It was pretty shameful, but I had mainly managed to stay out of trouble.  I guess I should have learnt, but I hadn't and my lack of focus had switched to e-mails...specifically e-mails from credit card companies.  The net result is that this week, having ignored my statements for the last six months, I discovered that someone had been using it on my behalf.  I kind of wish they had been living the high life (but apart from £250's worth of beauty products), they hadn't.  Apart from the, to be expected, mobile phone top ups and international calls, the other large charges were for delivery of chemicals...I assume from that it won't be difficult to trace them.  Anyway, some £700 had been spent, and Smile have given it all back to me without any hesitation...I don't think I deserve it as I should have spotted the transactions before.  Foolish of me.  They've even sent a new card - white, not the pink of the old one.  Foolish of them.