Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Just in case you were wondering.... rehearsal schedule for the Olympics for the next couple of weeks is:

Saturday - 9.00 to 5.30 pm
Monday - 6.00pm to 10.00 pm
Wednesday - 12.00 to 10.00 pm
Friday - 10.00 am to Midnight
Monday - 10.00 am to Midnight
Wednesday - 10.00 am to Midnight
Friday - Ceremony Day - 10.00 to Midnight

So this is why I have run out of energy, opinions and writing spark....even though the excitement of it all is filling me with an inner warmth and positive feelings that will give me boundless strength and dynamism once we have performed.

There is an awesome atmosphere inside the stadium...the rain seems to make it even better, especially at night when the stadium lights are on...or when there's been a storm, and the evening warmth is evaporating the standing water through the spotlight beams.

The camaraderie of everyone involved is an impressive testament to how even a country as diverse as ours with its mix of cultures, races and creeds can work together to present something that will amaze and dazzle.