Saturday 23 June 2012


I thought that as we're on our lunch break I'd grab the opportunity to pen a post...possibly the first blog to be written in the Stadium. I'm sitting under the largest harmonious bell ever cast looking at what I'm told will be the largest ever light show. Given that there's more than a month to go the staging is remarkably complete. There's still hundreds of workers still swarming around making sure every bolt is tightened and everything is in its place. Amongst the cast there is a palpable buzz of excitement even with all the pauses and waiting around. We're all delighted to have been offered two tickets to the final rehearsal and relieved that the packed lunches they've given us are not supplied by the official food supplier to the Olympics. The weather has been kind with the sun pouring into the Stadium although there are poles of ponchos just in case. Funny enough the Stadium looks enormous from the outside yet small when you enter. Its size is restored when you stand in the middle. Back to work now.