Monday, 25 June 2012

No Pain

Very public spirited of The Times to be devoting hours of journalist time to rooting out the evil tax non-payers.  I never much liked that Jimmy Carr, not that Gary Barlow either.  It has been pointed out that when the owner of Arcadia, which includes Topshop in its portfolio, was identified as someone who pays less tax than just about everyone else, the Government was not to be drawn on the matter.  Perhaps because he was one of DC's advisers.  I'll make no more comment on that.  But I wonder at which strategy meeting, The Times decided that they could rebuild their stock amongst the common people and the ruling  classes by running their anti tax-evasion campaign?

It turns out that the main reason Danny Boyle revealed what he did of the Olympic Ceremony was because some reporters had got an inkling of what was happening, so threatened to reveal all, unless the Organisers played ball.  Now I'm not sure what that says about our media - ready and willing to spoil the excitement and surprise of everyone just so they could flog a few more papers.  It doesn't put them in a good light.  Again.

They say no pain, no gain.  Judging by the way I felt this morning I have gained a lot during my two days of rehearsals at the Stadium this weekend.  We have to move a lot of mats in our section, and these mats had been outside as it rained and rained and rained.  Meaning that what was only just manageable before became a Herculean task as we struggled with water logged mats.  By happy coincidence we had a masseur booked for last night, so I at least, was able to get the benefit.  But that still didn't stop me waking up feeling that I had been sent down and had had a good flogging from Hades himself.  As we now have a Facebook Group we will all be sharing our pain.