Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Gone to lunch

The Cat's Mother is in Berlin today.
She's gone to meet a friend for lunch.
And will be back for tea-time.
Enough said (but feel free to comment below).

Yet again I forgot it's Tara's Gallery day...and as it's The Gallery's 100th birthday, I thought it would be unforgiveable if I didn't make a special effort.  So here's my picture postcard contribution.  It's Konos Bay.  It is indeed picture-postcard perfect.  If you've been to the eastern side of Cyprus you'll know it's the best beach to spend a day lying on.  Or snorkeling.  I love snorkeling, and this time when we were over for Grandma in Cyprus' 80th birthday, I was rewarded  with the sighting of an enormous octopus, which was being eyeballed by a big stripy fish.  The octopus obviously didn't have the stomach for a fight, and eventually retreated into a dark crevice out of harms way.  Sadly my camera doesn't go underwater, so this is my picture of the Bay.