Thursday, 8 March 2012

School's out

Well, well, well.  There's scandal at the school.  I'd like to say more, but I'm not the re-incarnation of the News of the World  and The Cat's Mother pointed out that behind every 'scandal' is a human tragedy.  Naturally we learned about it from the offspring who found out about it from the dinner ladies, who were told by the etc,etc

After the disappointment of The Boy's ski course, there's been another cock up.  The Geography 'A' level students are due to go to Iceland for a field course.  The Boy loves the place so has been much looking forward to the trip in July.  Thing is, without telling anyone the organiser changed the date, so it now starts when The Boy is on a cadet leadership course.  I've waded in...straight to the top...and told them that this sort of cock-up happens too often for comfort.  We'll see how it is resolved, beyond the note of apology I've received already.

We're having a debate at home.  How do you pronounce meme?  I say it's meemee, The Boy says meam and there are reports that some pronounce it memmy.  I think resolution of this is more important than the old scone, scon or eether, ither debates, so any help would be much appreciated.  By the way, I'm right and all other opinions are as valuable as a vote for anyone other than Putin (my word...isn't he looking like the old USSR leaders with his paunchy, wax-like complexion?) in Russia

On a positive note, after the third attempt, the garage claims to have fixed the problem that has afflicted the motorbike for the last several months.  It was  the starter relay.  Touchingly, The Cat's Mother thinks I could have fixed it.  Touchingly, I think I should have just traded it in for the very, very beautiful Ducatti they had on the forecourt.

On a second positive note, we realise that the cancellation of The Boy's ski course does not mean he will be home alone.  In fact the rest of us will have returned from our travels (me skiing, The Cat's Mother and The Cat from New York and The Boy from adventurous training.  So all is well, although we haven't yet broached the subject of where and when The Boy will take his first steps to becoming an instructor.  Sorry Kellogsville that means you can't join thousands of FB friends dancing, drinking and vomiting on the front lawn....!