Friday, 30 March 2012

It's Ma'm as in jam

There's no doubting that Dave 'pasty' Cameron and his team of muppets has helped create a fuel crisis.  Suggesting that we all keep jerry cans at home has driven petrol sales through the roof.  But equally, there is a real problem with the British mind-set which is equally to blame.  It was the same with Olympic tickets...there was a panic to snap the things up - people were ordering £thousands of tickets, even for sports they weren't interested in.  The result has been that millions have missed out altogether.  And lots of people have been lumbered with tickets that in truth they don't really want.  I suspect, that this is, in part, a symptom of an overcrowded island; it is certainly a sign of an neurotic and  insecure population which moves from one panic to another.  The reason for this I am convinced is because throughout the years of rule by New Labour, there was a policy of rule by fear...a form of state-sponsored terrorism... constantly they communicated one threat to us after another so they could then show how they had 'saved the day'.  It was a good technique for keeping votes and keeping the population in check.  Clearly it worked and is an approach which the coalition has adopted.  As I rode in on my motorbike this morning, the fuel tank warning light came on.  So far I've been to two garages to put in petrol that I need to get to a meeting and then home without luck.  Panic buying has created quite a mini-crisis for me.

Last night we went to see 'She Stoops To Conquer' - another live streaming by the National Theatre.  It's a lively period romp which pales by comparison to last year's classics London Assurance and One Man Two Guv'nors, but provided a good evening's entertainment.  We'd booked tickets for the cinema at 'Olympic' Stratford, only to discover that it was on at our local cinema...I bet it was on at yours too.  Keep an eye open for them as they really do bring a new experience.  The live streaming concept has evolved quite significantly since we first saw one last year...and now instead of a static camera, you get several cameras, close ups and a real sense that someone has thought about production values.  Where it really works is that you can much more clearly see the expressions on the actors' faces and as the Oldies with us said "I could actually hear everything".  Everyone came home happy at a good evening's entertainment.

In her jubilee year, the Queen is touring around to meet and greet her subjects.  I'm not a royalist, but I know it creates a lot of excitement and happiness.  Yesterday she popped off to Valentines Park in Ilford to be greeted by 1500 school children and 10,000 other loyal subjects.  Among them was The Boy in full army cadet uniform.  He's spent weeks polishing his boots, creating a shortage of polish in our local Waitrose.  It would be an understatement to say that you could see your face in them.  He looked very smart indeed in his uniform, and was clearly delighted to be going.  I was delighted for him, and even more delighted to receive a text "I SAW THE QUEEN!!! SHE WAVED!!!  Which only goes to show that just because you don't agree with something doesn't mean that it isn't a good thing.  Ma'm.