Wednesday 21 March 2012

In the pink

I've loved this picture since the moment I took it five or so years ago.   I have it down in the side-bar of my blog, but here's the full version.   It made me realise that you don't need a great camera to take a great picture (I say modestly).  In fact it was taken with a camera phone when these things were still in their infancy...just 2 mega-pixels (these days, they're eight or more). Of course, there's some trickery here as I shot the boat in black and white, and the camera setting added the colour.  This was Brighton beach, and this is one of the boats that gets dragged up on the shore every day after it's collected a small load of fish which you can buy either on the beach or at the fishmongers in Shoreham harbour.

Would it work just as well in black and white?  No, in this picture, as in life, colour makes things better.

This post is for Tara's weekly photo gallery on the theme of colour