Friday 3 February 2012

The third way

Wednesday I shirked.  No two ways about it.  I skived.

After riding my motorbike down a narrow, twisting country lane which was more ice than tarmac to the garage that will service and MOT it, The Cat's Mother and I headed down to sunny Brighton.

It wasn't that we had any particular reason to go there, other than water the plants and check that the beach was still there.

And when we arrived, The Cat's Mother cooked some lovely poached eggs on toast (with Gentleman's Relish) whilst I busied myself wiring up the loudspeakers for the new AV amp we'd bought.  After that we wandered into the town centre picked up some bits and bobs before heading to our favourite restaurant - La Cave a Fromage where we sat for a couple of hours chit chatting whilst enjoying the finest cheeses, charcuterie and red wine.

What an utterly extravagant, luxurious and wonderful thing to do.  And it serves to remind me of why I do what I do for a living.  I may not be the best paid, but working for myself I have the opportunity to be utterly indulgent.  I can decide what I'm going to do and when I'm going to do it.  How many people can say that?  I'm so very, very lucky.

Anyway, here's a few photos...January has not been a good month on the picture front

 Just another gorgeous sunset - 2011 was a great year for sunrises and sunsets, and 2012 is looking similar
 Well it's a view of the Olympic park, obviously
 Mathilda - do go and see this if you can!
 They breed strange frogs around here
 Piccadily Circus
 Crab apples on the ground in that right
 The force is with me
Well it's just trees....

Sitting here in my ivory tower, I continue to ponder the concept of Scottish independence. Interestingly, I read that more English are in favour of Scottish independence than the Scots.  Apparently we've got fed up with their whinging and whining.  It seems bizarre to me, but I accept that the Scottish themselves feel they are a breed a part fully deserving and needing their own government.  They may be right, but as I come from a mind set that the lees a government interferes in my life the better, it's hard for me to grasp why.  Down in London, you can feel the groans going on but you don't get a feeling that someone has grasped the nettle and said, OK this is an issue and we need to deal with it.  Instead, like a truculent child the politicians are dragging their feet without really offering whilst Mr Salmon makes the running.  At the moment we (in fact not we...just the Scots) are being offered two alternatives - an independent Scotland or maintain the status quo.  It seems Mr Salmond would like to put 'max devolution' on the table which as I understand it is like having your haggis and eating it..  But what we're talking about here is not just Scottish independence, it's about the break up the the United Kingdom, so it's hard to say it's not an issue for all of us.  So perhaps it's time for Clegg and Cameron to get their act together and look properly at the future of the UK.  Why not throw it all up in the air and go for a whole new approach.  A federal system - regional governments for each of the UK's constituent parts - it works elsewhere and who knows might get rid of that chip on the shoulder that the Scots have as each of the constituent parts would all be equals and responsible for their own destinies.  Anyway, just  a thought.  Grandma in Cyprus I think has had enough of my political chit chat for now!