Wednesday 22 February 2012


I've got a little out of sync with Tara's photogallery which I always used to participate in....not sure why, but it just hasn't happened for a while.  I guess life in general is like that isn't it?  Everything going hunkydory, and then for no apparent reason it doesn't all hang together as it should.

I thought I would make a special effort this week, but then she set the challenge of 'landscape'.  Not a difficult thing in itself, but I have hundreds of landscape pictures, some of them OK, some of them good, but they all have a special meaning to me.  The obvious thing to do would be to post up a picture from the top of the mountain last week, but that seems just a little too obvious and easy.  So instead I chose the following:

This was actually Zermatt last year taken through the cafe window...the words seemed appropriate.  In truth it was a much better holiday than this year.  The Cat's Mother has declared she is hanging up her ski boots.

This was Iceland, the first holiday we took as a family...the poor girls got dragged around this (amazing) barren landscape which we were all somewhat dwarfed by.  Eventually they insisted we abandoned the natural landscape for one that included shops

This was a new year in Hereford with some very dear friends.  I'm heading off to the slopes with them in April, and very much looking forward to it

This is just along the coast from Grandma in the north of the island.  The Cat's Mother and I are heading there in May to celebrate a very special birthday for her, unfortunately exams will mean neither The Boy nor The Cat can come with us.

Does this count?  A chalk pebble on the beach just down the road from the flat in Brighton

Anyway, do take a trip over to Tara's gallery to see what everyone else is doing