Wednesday 25 January 2012

A big Mac please

It's no coincidence I am sure that the lawyers I face in the current legal tussle I'm involved in are called leech.  Of course they don't spell their name quite like that, but the pronounciation is the same.

 I was a little displeased by the Oscar nominations yesterday and was wondering how much they actually reflect true talent, and how much Hollywood politics.   Do they know anything? It could just be that my tastes are different....anyway I was really delighted that Pina has made it on to the list of nominees.  It was, remarkably, my favourite film of last year.  A German film documentary by Wim Wenders about a choreographer.  But somehow it succeeded in doing what films should do - capturing the magic.  If you get the chance to beg, borrow or steal the DVD, then do, I think you'll surprise yourself.

I thought Tinker, Tailor deserved more, but knew it wouldn't..hopefully Gary Oldman will do well, but I won't be placing a bet.  I really enjoyed Midnight in Paris...but best film?  No's light, fluffy and must be the Woody Allen factor.  Why War Horse is on the list I have no idea.  Really no idea.  Why it's nominated in the cinematography category is equally beyond me...Spielberg should have learned by now that 'more' is not always more.  The Artist is excellent, but I suspect it will end up with many more nominations than actual Oscars.  Anyway I shall wait and see the outcome, and then no doubt will get on my high (war) horse again.

There's the faintest possibility that the some of the next Jason Statham film will be shot in my office.  The location manager has been round and likes it, so we'll have to see.  I'm very excited at the prospect, even though knowing the type of film he makes the whole place will be blown up after a fight between Jason and fifty evil henchmen.

A few years ago, when The Boy was only as high as my hip, we were walking through Brighton when someone stepped out his Range Rover.  It was Paul McCartney, so I smiled and waved, and he cheerily waved back.  I guess he was still in the first flush with Heather.  I then spent some time explaining to The Boy who Macca is and why he's such an important person.  Down our road..the office road that is...Paul McCartney is doing some filming today and tomorrow.  It was a nice coincidence then that Q Radio was playing some Beatles this morning.  I think this is for an advertisement, and I have to ask myself why he would do it....obviously not the money, but perhaps he just needs to keep himself occupied.  As some of the filming will take place in the Mews itself, I'm hoping to get a picture.  Star struck?  Me?  Noooooo.  It seems that a Range Rover is not good enough anymore as the man is arriving by helicopter.  Well obviously.  If you were Paul McCartney you would as well.

And don't forget "Dance dance otherwise we are lost".  I think that may be my motto for the year.