Monday 8 August 2011

A fat poof in a dress for Sunday lunch*

We can probably all be grateful this morning that it's a pretty lousy summer this year. Cold, damp weather is the best weapon the police have for managing riots, and we've had both in abundance. If you've ever been up to Tottenham, you'll know it's not somewhere you'd want a Sunday picnic. There's an undercurrent of crime just waiting to bubble up to the surface, and this weekend it came. I'm not going to point the finger of blame, nor am I really well placed to analyse the causes, but it's probably fair to say that where there's poverty and inequality there's crime. It's hardly surprising to see the list of other areas that saw copycat rioting and looting.

Some would say, that we are suffering from a lack of leadership...with inner-city districts being being engulfed in flames and shops emptied in the ensuing chaos, and with the world's global markets in melt down. I don't begrudge politicians their holidays, but really sometimes what is needed is for one of our elected leaders to stand up and be counted, rather than continue sipping their cappuccinos in Tuscany. If the markets continue in the direction they're heading we're all in hot water. It was hardly the most statesman like comment to be made that the downgrading of the US credit rating was 'vindication of the UK's approach'.

It was a very happpy moment when The Boy returned from his travels and gave us all a big hug. Despite listening to him for most of Saturday, and seeing his 365 photos (he caught the habit from me I think), I suspect we're still waiting to get the juiciest stories. Over half the touring group went down with tummy bugs of one sort or another, there was heat, there was humidity, there were injuries (but not to The Boy), but there was most of all camaraderie, and the opportunity to do some coaching with Tamils in Sri was this that I think was the highlight for The Boy. He seemed genuinely moved and proud that they could give something back to one of their host countries. He did very well himself, captaining the seconds team twice and playing for the firsts for the first time...and winning an award for 'most improved player'. He won a second award too - for most peculiar purchase: a fake Louis Vuitton suitcase for The Cat's Mother. None of us were short of gifts, including more fake LV goodies, Oakley sunglasses, Hard Rock T-shirts, Armani tie and cufflinks...and so on!

Not surprisingly, he was exhausted after his very long travels, so it was an early night for him on Saturday.

Sunday saw The Cats Mother and I out at a friends 60th birthday celebration lunch. As you would expect, the hall was decked out in fuscia pink feather boas. Amongst the people there was a lad who had appeared on The Apprentice...he seemed a really nice lad, and someone else who had been a guest at Amy Winehouse's funeral, but I'm not sure that counts as mixing with celebrities. The surprise entertainment was indeed 'A fat poof in a dress' (*that was his/her description of himself rather than any comment made by me). Our drag queen provided the perfect entertainment by crooning some great show tunes. It may not be our usual Sunday lunchtime, but was absolutely great entertainment. And some real light relief whilst we're in choppy waters.