Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Not very MI5

I rather like my nom de plume. It says a lot in few words, and the initials are the same as my own. For the last couple of years I've led a life of subterfuge protecting my own identity whilst dropping hints for the unwary. I have been practically schizophrenic with my real identity and my on line life. But all is undone by my own greed.

For reasons which I little understand now, I have managed to create four blogs. Three are Blogger, and two of them I ignore. And one is wordpress which I started as a work blog. At the same time I have three twitter accounts...of which I ignore one and juggle the other two...one is related to this blog, and one is for work. I couldn't tell you how many e-mails I have. I am indeed confused about my identity. I've tried to keep my work stuff separate from my personal life as I don't want colleagues and business partners to share my personal life, and some of my personal views might not be the same as theirs. But in among all these different identities, it's become impossible to juggle carefully enough, and I find myself leaving comments in my real name because the computer has kept me logged in with my wordpress identity and I've tweeted the odd tweet in my blog name when I should have been working. Sigh. I don't think I'll be replacing James Bond any time soon.

At the weekend we were in Brighton seeing the very excellent Dylan Moran. The fact that I fell asleep was nothing to do with his talents, and more to do with my scoffing far too much at the restaurant before hand. Sorry. Last week we went to see David Tenant (yes Auntie Gwen I saw him in the flesh) in the much lauded Much Ado about Nothing. The fact that I fell asleep was nothing to do with David Tenant's performance, and more to do with us being in the 'Grand Circle' which was so high that I could almost touch the moon. As I suffer from a touch of vertigo these days, I thought I would solve the problem by closing my eyes. Which sent me to the land of nod. Oh dear. Two great performances and I missed them both.