Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Yesterday The Boy went off with the school on a three and a half week rugby tour. He'll be in Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia and Bantan island...exciting places, if not the world's leading rugby hot-spots. I dropped him off at school, and he jumped out without turning round; without a by your leave. If it had been his over-excitement and exuberance had got the better of him that would be fine. But in truth there had been a argument the night before, and a sound lecture from me in the morning during the car journey to the school. The Cat's Mother and I had planned and worked hard to avoid such an event, but there was a morbid and unnerving inevitability about it.

Teenage years are difficult ones - when you think you know everything, when you think the world revolves around you, when you don't have a moment's thought for anyone other than yourself, when you think adults are idiots. So that doesn't make adulthood a very easy place to be sometimes. Certainly not for the next three and a half weeks.