Friday 4 February 2011

It's a slippery slope

hiybbprqag - no I'm not explaining that.

Last night we watched Louis Theroux in Israel. He is an absolute master at allowing people to dig their own graves. The programme was about Settlers. A masterful piece that should open a few eyes. I would love to see change in that region.

The Cat's Mother loathes exercise, so when she travelled with us to go skiing last year, her friends fell of their collective chairs. It was a significant feather in my cap evidently. She came back complaining that it was a ridiculous thing to be doing, the clothes were ridiculous, and ski boots were ridiculous. I think you get the idea. But secretly, I just knew she enjoyed herself. At least she was still speaking to me at the end of the week.

And I've been proven correct as we'll be off to the slopes in a couple of weeks time. This time we will be accompanied by The Muffins - The Cat's Mother's sister, husband and girls. The smaller Muffins are eight and five, and will share lessons with their mum and The Cat's Mother. The Boy, The Cat, Muffin Dad and I will be doing our own thing. But I have a suspicion we will be missing out on all sorts of jolly japes. Here is video evidence of last year's trauma. I think she did very well.

In preparation, The Cat's Mother has started going to exercise clases. Remarkably, the class is run, I believe, by an ex Pan's People girl (well, woman now). So for all those boys who used to get their weekly thrill by watching the cavorting on Top of The Pops, here we go....did you have a favourite?