Friday, 11 February 2011

Friends reunited

On Twitter I've started following various Egyptians...I may be becoming obsessed with this whole revolution thing. But then I think it could reshape the world. I feel for them after all the hopes that were raised yesterday were dashed by Mubarak.

I must be getting soft in my old, my last post was all about Facebook, and here we are friends reunited. Being friendly is not my natural state.

There was one of those mobile phone conversations in our home this week. You know, the ones that go "JESUS CHRIST YOUR BILL THIS MONTH IS FORTY QUID." This on a £15 tariff that gives unlimited texts and 300 minutes of calls. Fortunately,common sense took over, and before World War 3 broke out, we headed to bed to sleep on it and had a sensible talk the following day. It's nice when you can do that. I'm quite a battler, but in all honesty, I'd rather not go head to head. I think the outcome was good for us both. As it turns out, one of the most frightening charges was £5.58 for one call to directory know the one with the moustaches. The enquiry itself had cost £2.73, but he had then been put through to the number. Wowzer. Anyway, they have agreed to refund the cost. But that's a real lesson.

Grandma in Cyprus pointed out that last Friday was the first Friday of the month, so it should have been First Friday Photos. But I forgot; I had other things on my mind. And I'm not really taking so many pictures at the moment. Some people have constipation, some people have writers block, I'm just going through image emasculation. It may just be that both The Cat and The Boy got fantastic cameras for Christmas so I'm feeling long lens envy.

But here, in any case, is a picture:

This is the 2010 annual reunion of the old boys. This was taken last night. Yes 2010 has spilled into 2011. The sharper eyed of you will have noticed that not all of those present are male. Although as we went to boarding school, I guess it's entirely possible that some of us wear dresses. But we don't. We had a few girls in the sixth form, and one of them popped along to say hello. The other I'm not sure why she was there...lovely lady, was also at the school but I couldn't work out how she was invited. Perhaps we've reached that age where we need female company. So in no particular order... there is one person who had worked for a company for twenty years which went into receivership last year; there is one person who gave up running his own business last year because "there's only so much you can borrow"; there's one person who now works with his wife from home running training courses as he's never got back on the corporate bandwagon after falling off a few years back; there's one person who was a children's programme producer for the BBC giving up marriage and children to pursue a career only to become freelance last year; there's one person whose daughter achieved notoriety by running off with a famous pop star's husband, there's one person who is so important that his salary would make a Premier division footballer blush. And then there's me.

We all had a brilliant time.

Pass the Berocca.