Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Personal matters

There comes a time in life when you need to get your plumbing sorted. If you know what I mean. And sure enough that time has come. It's a new year, and at the end of 2010 there had been a sort of gassy smell. It wasn't pleasant. For anyone. It was bad enough that the emergency services were called, and they pronounced an immediate diagnosis. Some of my 'pipes' were old and leaky and needed to be replaced. As ever with these things these days, the Christmas season caused a bit of a blockage, so it's been a gruelling few weeks. To stop any more leaks they had simply cut my pipes and sealed them up. I can't tell you the discomfort that's caused.

Anyway, today they pronounced my plumbing all fixed. Saturday, they'd inserted a new pipe, and today when it looked as though it had bedded in, they unblocked it and everything was reconnected. Not a leak to be found. They showed me the instrument read outs, glass containers and the rubber tubes which proved it.

So yes indeed we have the gas supply reconnected in Brighton. That means hot water and no cold rooms. I never thought I'd be so grateful.

On other plumbing matters, there was a strange thing in the bottom of the toilet this morning. It looked a bit like an octopus tentacle, without the suckers, and white & brown. It could have been a piece of pottery. It could have been a twig. It wasn't nice. It certainly didn't belong there. Of course I could have just flushed it. But I had to know what it was. And so did The Cat's Mother.

So on went the rubber gloves. I reached down and grabbed it. It was soft and slippery. Call me a wimp. I had had enough. I couldn't flush it away quickly enough. So I'll never know.