Monday 20 December 2010

Just passing through

At last we got to go to a Christmas felt a bit of a relief, and given the weather quite a surprise. My only observation on the event was that the hostess' comment about her house is that it feels that they are 'Just passing through', and one of the guests, a judge, was heard to say ,"When you wake up in a place like this you must feel that life has been kind to you." Just one of the living rooms was bigger than the entire cottage in Buckhurst Hill. The National Trust would probably charge you to get in. I can't help but be amused and fascinated by it. Of course I wouldn't say no, given the chance. But is it something I aspire to? No. But I remain totally fascinated. It doesn't matter how successful you are, there is always someone more so. And conversely, no matter how badly off, there is always someone suffering more.

Anyway, the snow brought us real fun...once The Cat's Mother had her arm, slightly, twisted to accompany us out and about. The Boy was desperate to do this, and has expeneded many breaths persuading me to lend him my old skis.