Friday 5 November 2010

First Friday Photos

Isn't this year going quickly...just 49 days to Christmas I'm told. I think it was a hint.

Here's some pics I've taken this month...nothing particularly special - I think I must be losing my touch!

The ghostly baker:

A spidery friend:

He really does have two front legs:

They're just red lines:

Isn't the Med beautiful:

Cute dog:

Wouldn't you just sail away:

They built these churches...:

...after they built this one...seems extravagant to me:

grafitti in Lebanon:

Byblos port:

In Lebanon I wanted a picture of a cedar tree and this woman kept standing in front of it:

Leaf on cobbles:

There are two types of shoes shop in Lebanon:

...and this is the other:

statuettes in Beirut museum:

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!