Wednesday 17 November 2010

Before and after

...oh there is such a range of things that I thought of for this week's challenge...but I chose this image as the before

It was a beautifully designed contemporary clock which sat in the window in Brighton, casting a wonderful blue glow when the sun shone through the 12" glass disc. The Boy and I loved it.

We came home one Friday night having been away for a week to discover that some days previous a seagull..presumably a young one...had fallen down the chimney and into the flat. Heaven only knows what terrors went through its tiny little bird brain in the days and nights that it spent there. But this was the 'after':

I managed to catch it, by throwing a towel over it and carrying it down stairs. When I put it down on the grass outside, it hesitated for a moment before lifting off. I wish I'd got its address to send the 'bill' to...or perhaps I should have put it in front of a beak...

The clock never recovered.