Thursday 28 October 2010

Life stages

There have been several distinct stages in The Boy's life:

1. From when he was born until his mum and I divorced...hopefully it was a happy secure environment for him in his earliest years

2. From our divorce through to his mum's divorce...two homes, two parents with separate lives

3. The years with me...the father/son relationship changing as we mutually supported eachother through the challenges of our new life

4. The current time, in a new family environmnet. Hopefully happy and secure.

This morning I was pitching to a possible new client. He runs a creative agency and a very bright, clever person he is. He's still at university and is just 21. That's just half a dozen years older than The Boy.

I felt positively old, and wonder how long it will be before The Boy takes up the reigns and gallops ahead of his father? Policemen are looking quite young too...