Tuesday 17 August 2010

Whilst The Cat's away.....

Boys will be boys, and we feel it is incumbent on us to do boy things:

1. All the loo seats are being left up
2. The beds are unmade
3. Washing up...it's too much effort to load the dishwasher isn't it, really?
4. Non-stop Top Gear and Gadget Show on the TV
5. Dinner - ready meals from the garage
6. Breakfast - ready meals from the garage
7. Lunch - Ginsters Cornish Pasty from the garage for variety
8. All meals - eaten in front of the TV
9. Dirty clothes - left on the floor by the bed
10. Lights left on in every room
11. Snacks...empty crisp packets and sweet wrappers left across the floor of the sitting room
12. The top has been left off the toothpaste...which has been squeezed in the middle
13. Wet towels left on the bed
14. Music turned up loud so we can hear it...even when we're upstairs
15. We've borrowed a dog which sleeps on the sofa after a long walk in the muddy forest
16. We've stopped worrying about whether anyone is going to check the 'history' on our web browsers
17. Scatter cushions have been, well, scattered...because we don't know what they're for
18. The beer stock is declining rapidly
19. As is the wine and whisky stock
20. I've had to draw the line at The Boy bringing the motorbike into the living room to clean it...but only because we can't get it up the steps...

If you've any ideas of how we can maintain our testosterone levels....just let me know.....