Thursday 4 March 2010


Tomorrow I hope to be at the Iraq Inquiry to watch Gordon Brown explain away why British soldiers gave up their lives fighting in Iraq. My ticket appears to have been lost in the post, but hopefully I will still be able to find a way is an issue that I am very passionate about - don't get me started. If I'm not marched away to the cells I'll let you know how it goes....if you haven't read it in the newspaper first.

Onto less serious things.

If you like superheroes, like the cinema, do visit 'My Life as I see it' and join in the fun. Tony has asked me to do a guest blog, which should be posted on Monday...but other guest bloggers are coming up beforehand.

And finally. These two links are quite and here I love the power of modern technology. You may recognise someone half way through....of course it would be great if the BBC could encourage people to buy a licence in the same way, but until then, I'll be glued to Swedish TV