Friday 12 February 2010

End of pier show

I wanted to share these photos by Nigel Bowles - his copyright and I expect he'll tell me if he's not happy for me to put them up - of the West Pier in Brighton which was illuminated by lasers to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It creates a ghostly impression of how the pier used to look before it burnt down decades after it was abandoned and left to rot. I wish I had been there to see it...instead of wrapped up in my bed with a rotten cold.

The wreckage of the pier at the land end is being cleared away by the Council, hopefully, so that the plans to build an observation tower can go ahead. The i360 has been designed by same team as the London Eye and will make a brilliant contribution to the City. It has been delayed by those bastard bankers who have done their utmost to bring wrack and ruin on the country whilst continuing to line their own pockets. They will hopefully get their just come uppence, and we hopefully will get a new landmark on the South coast.