Tuesday 17 November 2009



"Have you got any homework?"

"Yes, some history, maths and geography. And I've got to revise for my French test on Monday. I'll revise in bed on Sunday"


"How's the homework coming along?"

"I finished it all Saturday morning"

"Brilliant. That's good...so just the French to revise then?"

"Yeah, I'll do that in bed"

"Erm yes, if you're sure"


"Have a great day at school. Good luck with the French test"

"See you later"


"How was school?"

"Yeah, fine. All good"

"How did the French test go?"

"I have to do it on Friday with the people who have to retake it."

"Ummm. Erm. Why?"

"Well that's what I was told"

"So why do you have to do it with the people who are retaking it?"

"Because that's on Friday and I'll do it with them."

"But I thought you were doing it today?"

"No. Friday"

"Why are you doing it on Friday and not today?"

"Because that's when the people who are retaking it are doing it"

"So you're retaking it?"

"No I'm doing it with the people on Friday who are re-taking"

"But why didn't you do it today?"

"We don't have French on a Monday"

"But you said you had to revise on Sunday for the test on Monday"

"Yes but we don't have French on Monday. So I'm taking it on Friday with the people who are retaking it"

"When was the test then?"


"Ths Friday? I thought you said only the people retaking it were doing it on Friday"

"No Friday."

"You mean last Friday?"


"Well why didn't you do it on Friday?"

"I was at guitar practice. I have to do it when everyone who is retaking it does it. ON FRIDAY"

"Oh right"

*Bangs head repeatedly on wall*


  1. Perhaps you just need to accept that French just isn't his thing! Could he switch to German or something else?

    Or are teachers still using the same turgid Longman's language books? Froggy Logan was stuck on page 76 of ours for three years of my schoolhood.Needless to say I never learned more than about a dozen words of French or developed the remotest interest in the language.

  2. I am with you on this. B, my 16-year-old daughter has serious organisational issues. It is better now, but her first year of high school was ridiculous. She would do assignments and then forget to hand them in, or swear she had, and yet the teacher had never seen it. It drove me crazy. I have forced her to use an agenda, which helps, but she still sometimes forgets the agenda at school!

    My 14-year-old girl S is much more aware of what needs to be done, but is kind of OCD about homework, so she stays up until all hours, and consequently misses alarms/swim practice/etc.

    I never realised that parenting teens was so much harder than toddlers!

  3. Ouch. I can remember not doing homework so vividly, but it was the only way that I could get any attention from my father ;-)

  4. won't he be at guitar on Friday?! aren't you going to have this conversation weekly now until he leaves school or stops guitar practise!

    I recommend my parents approach to preserving their sanity - they showed no interest at all. 3 years of therapy and I was soon over it!!!!!!!!!

  5. Let's hope he's good at the guitar. Poor scheduling from the school though. Didn't they know he was at practice? Tsk, Tsk.

  6. Hilarious and so similar to conversations that occur in my house every single day!

  7. Just catching up with missed posts on my return. This made me laugh and sounds rather familiar!! Also had to laugh at your son's DIY attempts (or lack of). Also iike the black wall paper on the stairwell. Very grand!


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