Monday 12 October 2009

Plastic surgery

I've never really understood the appeal of cosmetic surgery... especially when applied to parts of the body that seem perfectly fine to me anyway. I have chortled away at the idea of men having 'six-pack' inserts, and buttock inserts for both sexes. Be happy with what you've got, or you'll end up looking like Michael (RIP) Jackson's nose. For anyone who's suffered a misfortune, well, that's a different matter. Still we're a free country and we should be able to treat our bodies as we like - it's one area that the government hasn't though fit to delve into yet. For me, my body is a temple at which I worship with frequent offerings of food and drink.

So it came as a mild shock to find that without my knowledge, behind my back and without any care or concern for my feelings, a friend has surgically enhanced me, and pasted the results on Facebook. I hope you like NB version 2.0.


  1. Hmm nice, but a bit concerned about the boobage going on

  2. Personally I would sue if a surgeon left me with these looks, much though I will have no pride about seeking help as and when I might need it.

    I think however that this is one case where Mother Nature definitely knew what she was doing!

  3. You look like something out of Dr. Who. Most fashionable in some circles. Maybe this will ensure that the police can't match you to your mug shot.


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