Saturday 15 August 2009

Hair today gone tomorrow

Once upon a time in a different life, I travelled a lot on business. As a single guy, the jet set lifestyle was a great one. I miss it occasionally, but take things as they come. The one lesson I took from it is that stereotypes do apply. I guess that's why htey're stereotypes.

As a man I know that women go to the loo together, and discuss things that I just don't want to know about. Here in the house of boys, we get our hair cut together. Invariably the boy comes out complaining it's not a good cut. I always point out that he has to tell the barber what he wants and that's progress on the days when I used to hide behind the boy and tell the barber how I wanted his hair cut.

Today was haircut day, and after the boy was trimmed it was my turn. Whilst sitting there, the chair next to me was taken by a young German guy. He said to the hairdresser (and it helps if you do the next bit with a 'ello, 'ello accent in your head). "I vould like my hair cut short. Not too short, but short. I vould like it zirteen millimetres on zer zide and eighteen on zer top. Zank you."

I'm very pleased we got our hair cut today.


  1. Mein Gott, that's German precision for you!!

  2. Hehe, das ist lustig!

    If you think about it though, that's only the metric equivalent of a number 4 on the top and 6 on the sides... :)

  3. I have tried on 3 occasions to leave a comment that is both funny, non stereotypical and could not offend any passing Germans.

    I've failed


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