Saturday 22 August 2009


Well we're cheerily tucked up in our hotel after a day that started at 4.30 a.m. And now in the fatherland its 11ish. We were at the back of everything at the airport...queue to check in, queue for the luggage to be x-rayed an dsat at the back of the plane. But we were first onto German soil and first with our luggage and first to miss the bus to the city centre. no sonner were we at our hotel than we left to go to the specacular BMW museum. Well we are boys. We then toured the equally spectacular Olympic park which is being completely rebuilt perhaps for 2012. We had traditional Bavarian food for dinner, although the boy declined the opportunity to sample brain, lung or pigs knuckle. I can't think why. So far in the land where rules rule we've managed to jay walk in front of a police car and get threatened with a 500 euro fine for trying to take a picture of a tube train. The boy thinks its very clean and tidy and I wouldn't disagree in the slightest. Tomorrow we must find the car rental office which has eluded our efforts inspite of us having an address and a sat nav...the onwards journey could see us lost in the hinterland....


  1. Have a great time. How long are you there for? Any chance of an early Oktoberbierfest while you are there? Dachau is a worth a visit nearby too.

  2. Hope the trip goes well. Good luck on finding the car rental, but it won't be as good as your jeep.

  3. I was going to recommend a visit to Rothenburg ob der Tauber but it's a bit of wee day trip from Munich! Have fun.

  4. I would be forced to live on Black Forest Gateaux amidst such scenery, I must admit.

    Pig's bits? Ugh!


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