Friday 10 July 2009

...and on a different continent altogether

My friend Nappy Valley left this green and pleasant land for the melting pot of the wild west, and not to be left out, I too have been venturing across the Atlantic.

I read around the blogosphere and occasionally trip over blogs that are more than worth reading/entertaining; one such is My Life As I see it...simple everyday situations which are given an enlightened animation by Tony. I love the way he makes his life enviably interesting. Anyway, I was quite chuffed when he dropped me a line to ask if I would put pen to paper when he went on his holidays (vacation). So here's the piece I scrawled:
The long hot summer holidays
and if you manage to get to the end of that, do have a rummage around his blog



  1. Wow, guest blogging. I'm impressed. Liked the post too. Rummaging about to commence.

  2. Very good. Did as requested. Interesting, this blogging lark.

  3. Health...too kind!

    Madame....hope you enjoyed the rummage

    Ken....yes it is a lark isn't it!


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