Monday 15 June 2009

Fullsome Friday

Friday was a busy day. I disturbed the boy at crack of sparrow by firing up the MLC just underneath his bedroom window for a quick jaunt down to the seaside. Arriving there, the man from the gas board took delight in telling me yes I could move the meter and no I didn't need to ask him. Any Corgi could do it. So a 160 mile round trip was for not much really.

However, my mind was elsewhere.

My friend in the North (well it's north to me) was asking for positive thoughts as she winged her way through a job interview for which she didn't feel qualified. As my motto is never to let the facts get in the way of a good story, I couldn't see the problem. As she was offered the job later the same day, I hope it was something to do with my motivational thinking.

In the opposite direction....many thousands of miles away...I was also thinking positive thoughts. My friend's teenage son (and his friend) had been killed by a drugged-up drunk driver some eighteen months ago. Friday was the day of sentencing. The driver was given a long sentence without the possibility of parole for eight years. Whilst you can't feel pleased about this, it does seem that for once the justice system has delivered as best it could. And of that I'm glad.


  1. any corgi could do it ?

    Blimey that's why the Queen keeps them !

    Thanks for the positive thinking

  2. Good news on all fronts, albeit one tinged with sorrow.

    Maybe you could lend me some positive thinking. I'm still in post-holiday grump.


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