Wednesday 24 June 2009

Firstly, I'm sorry

To all and everyone who is till waiting for a Christmas card from the Nota Bene household. You may have given up on it by now, and you may have struck us off your Chrsitams card list for next year; please don't - we don't get that many in the first place, so even one fewer is a hardship for us. We are having to clear out the car...and it is truly remarkable what you can find in the mobile filing cabinet after four years. And I'm afraid to say that we have discovered all our 2008 Christmas cards, signed sealed and stamped. But not posted. At this stage I will point out that they were on the boy's side of the car, and I distinctly remember giving him clear instructions to post them. So it's all his fault. But as a minor, I think you'd be wrong to hold it against him. That is my job.

And so, in the interests of the environment and the economy, we will be using the cards for this Christmas. So expect your card early....and if you're worried you're not on our list, simply send us your address and we'll sign, seal and stamp the card for you. I'm not guaranteeing though whether late entries will get their card this year, next year or even the year afterwards.


  1. You're clearly ahead of the game! That goes down as both:
    - recycling
    - hedging against future Royal Mail stamp price rises

    Jolly well done I say!

  2. Make sure the stamps are still valid (and cover the size and shape of said cards). I speak as one who has just had to pay good money to receive a Father's Day card - and it wasn't for me!

  3. Fantasic. Reminds me of when I was a child and posted half my mother's cards down a lift shaft as we were carrying them to the post office. My mother was the sort of person who wrote a small essay in each card, as well.

  4. Happy Easter! (Just in case you missed it!)

  5. Just pretend you're early.

    I will be expecting mine forthwith.

  6. Just read your comment on Mud's, awful, awful joke! One after my own heart...MH

  7. Why, don't you do e-cards like everyone else a la mode? Shame on you.

  8. Mud - thank you! I need some support

    Dotterel - you got a card???!!!

    Rol - oh

    NVG - bet Father Christmas didn't visit you that year...

    Thanks Rosiero! Now where's my egg?

    AG - didn't you get yours either?

    MH - erm thanks I think!

    Madame - somethings should remain traditional...and anyway I'm likely to press the wrong button on the computer ;-(


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