Friday 8 May 2009

You swine

No wonder the government has been in a panic about a swine flu pandemic. They've all been like pigs with their snouts in the trough with their expenses. Not that the next lot is likely to be any better.


  1. I'm thinking of becoming an MP myself at the next election. It's better than working for a living!

  2. When you think of it there is not a solid candidate to take over from Brown in ANY of the parties at the moment. I am hard pushed to know who to vote for this time.

  3. They've been telling a lot of porkies, too....

  4. Anarchy. That's the only solution.

  5. I expected the level of expense to be more shocking than it seems to be personally.

    I think the shocking thing is the triviality of some of the stuff claimed for rather than the cost.

    Either way things need a darn good shake-up anyway. No way we taxpayers should be paying for everyday items they can (and should in any other job)pay for out of their own salaries.


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